It’s been two years since we collected the beer for this vinegar at Eskilstuna Ölkultur. It took ten months for the beer to turn in to vinegar and another year of conditioning for the vinegar to settle and get the right balance. We
made 150 bottles of IPA-vinegar in swingtop bottles. The flavor profile is not for the timid, this is a beast and you will not find anything like it unless you make it yourself.

We smoked a portion of the vinegar with birch and alder and mixed it with the rest. The small amount was a cautionary decision and one that we do regret. The results where really good and the vinegar brings both the raw acidity of the vinegar and a intense aroma of sauna and bonfire.

You will find both the “regular” IPA-vinegar and the smoked IPA-vinegar in the shop.


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