Flavorful and artisanal products made in limited quantities
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Natural and unadulterated vinegar from apple cider. Unpasteurized and no sulfur.


A true expression of swedish apple terroir and a never ending exploration in taste and patience.

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apple MUST

Apple juice true to its origin and with minimal interference. Alcohol free.


We belive in a new swedish cider culture and a thriving landscape for growers and fermenters.
"You can't make good cider from bad apples."

The cider revolution is here. The time has come for the Scandinavian countries to form a new cider culture. Free from sugar, additives and bad decisions. Instead full of new ideas, ambition and confidence to make beverages for the finest feasts.

At Pomologik we challange our tastebuds and peoples perceptions in search of new ways to get the full spectrum of what an apple can taste. Come join the revolution!

  • We graft and plant our own apple trees.

  • We mill and press our own must

  • We ferment our ciders and vinegars ourselves

  • We bottle and label our product ourselves

we are pomologik

johan sjöstedt

Johan is in his seventh cider vintage. He is obsessed with fermenting apples in all ways you could imagine. He lives at Hornudden with his wife, two kids and a cat.

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